When Wax Lurks.......Earworx
  1. Ear Wax Removal
    If you are one of the unfortunate people who suffers from problematic ear wax, Earworx can assist in its safe, effective removal by providing our micro-suction service. Cost £40.00 one ear, £60 Both ears.
    Instead of using warm water to irrigate the ear, gentle suction is applied directly to the offending wax, and it is carefully drawn out of the ear canal. This greatly reduces the risk of complications associated with irrigation, and is therefore the preferred method of earwax removal. You are more likely to suffer with excessive wax build up if you have small ear canals, wear a hearing aid, or hearing protection. and are exposed to noisy and dusty environments. A build up of earwax can reduce your ability to hear clearly,cause Tinnitus (ringing or buzzing sounds , be uncomfortable and sometimes, even painful. The pressure of hard wax within the Ear Canal can lead to tenderness, inflammation, infections and sometimes perforations of the Ear drum. When wax blocks the Ear, it can also block your hearing aid, reducing the effectiveness of the device, and causing the troublesome whistling noise we all find frustrating..
  2. Earworx Clinic
    Earworx is based within The Injury Clinic, 7 Weeton Way, Anlaby, HU10 6QH. Flexible appointment times including some evenings, and weekends by arrangement.
    Earworx is easily accessible to people with limited mobility, with ground floor facilities, and ramp access.We also provide Home Visits to clients who are unable to travel to the clinic, through illness or disability.
  3. Custom Moulded Ear Plugs
    Earworx s able to provide earplugs made to fit you personally for work hearing protection, sleep plugs, swim plugs, motorcycle plugs, and communication earpiece devices.
    The plugs are high quality medical silicone. They are made to fit your ear shape and size exactly and they will fit for up to 5 years, before the shape of your ear naturally changes. Prices start at £99, which means that for as little as £20 per year you can enjoy comfortable hearing protection. Please give me a call and we can discuss your requirements.
  4. Care Home Visits
    Visits can be arranged to check Residents ears, and provide Micro-suction where appropriate. Discounted rates apply for multiple bookings.
    How it works Let us know how many residents / Staff would like an Ear check. We visit at an arranged time & date to check the Ears, and provide feedback. If necessary, we will leave Olive Oil sprays to be applied for a couple of days prior to Microsuction. We return to remove the wax on a sessional basis. Residents pay for their own treament. Earworx has a rewards scheme depending on the uptake of the service.
  5. Workplace Ear Health
    Health Surveillance, Ear & Hearing Health Promotion, Ear checks, Micro-suction, Tool Box Talks and Presentations on all aspects of Hearing conservation by Specialist Practitioner in Occupational Health.
    I can provide Audiometric health surveillance to meet HSE requirements. Individually tailored sessions for your workplace, Presentation subjects include Health surveillance, Hearing loss through personal music players, future challenges. Looking after your hearing.
  6. Ear Checks
    Do you want to simply check to see if you need Micro-suction? Well our Specialist Nurse Practitioners can give you sound advice!
    Ear examinations cost just £5.00 or £7.50 for Video Otoscope photo examination. which is included in the fee if your ears require Micro-suction.